Charity Painting


About a week ago I decided to begin a charity painting, It's been something that I've wanted to do for while and since I have enough supplies I thought ''why not!?'' With so many charities to donate to, It was difficult to choose only one, but I did. In the future I may paint another charity painting, but for now I'm very much happy with the charity I've chosen to donate proceeds from this painting to. Veterans got up and did the job that no one else would. They sacrificed their physical health, psychological health and many times, their lives to serve and defend this country. Frequently those sacrifices are forgotten or overlooked. is a nonprofit charity that offers a tremendous amount of support for injured and surviving Veterans. I truly hope that this painting can generate enough money to make a generous donation to this charity because if anyone deserves to receive a donation, it's the men and women who have done so much and receive so little for their strength, courage and bravery. If this painting is not something that you want, don't let that prevent you from making a donation to because these people could really use it, so please consider this. 
Bidding on painting begins at $100.00. The final purchase excluding Shipping & Handling will be donated FULLY to 
For more information on painting click   >>>>> HERE. <<<<<


Cierra Rowe


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