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An Interview With Cierra Rowe


I tend to paint more than I illustrate, these days but if interested you can still view all of my illustrations HERE .

At one point I did publish & have a couple of book available filled with my illustrations :: 'The Abnormal Adult Vol. 1 Sex' & 'The Abnormal Adult : Sex, Madness & Mayhem' but it became very expensive to print and there just weren't enough people buying it for me to make it a regular listing. 

I do appreciate those of you who did purchase a copy, though. It feels good to know that my books are in Japan, across the US, Australia, China, France and a few other places. You guys were awesome to order a copy. Maybe I'll make it available again in the future?? The only downside is that I know now that I'd certainly have to increase price. I illustrate, scan, print, bind and ship them all, so I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't intimidating at times.

I've added a few below, but you'll find more HERE